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In the Not-Too-Distant Future: Next Sunday AD

As anyone checking in here can tell, I haven't exactly been the world's most prolific blogger, with a whopping two posts in all of 2012.

There are a number of reasons for that, but a big part of it has been a lack of motivation and a growing cynicism about posting. In the past, I've put a lot of effort into talking about various aspects of my life, only to find that people would rather see me talk about American politics, fan fiction, or limericks than anything remotely personal.

That's perfectly valid, of course, but I'd like to find out for certain what people want to see me write about here. (If nothing else, I need to propose some topics before this turns into nothing but a series of con reports, reflecting the pattern in my more recent entries.) To that end, I'm going to throw out a bunch of ideas I've had, roughly in order from least to most personal, and invite you to tell me what you'd prefer:

  • More Con Reports! That's always an option, if it turns out you've loved hearing about my fandom activities (and my growing ambivalence about them). Some of the cons I haven't yet written about include the past couple of Central Canada Comic Cons, where I met both William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.
  • A New Blog: I've been considering a separate WordPress blog devoted more closely to topics related to works of fiction and my approach to them--the sort of thing found here under my Metafiction and (especially) my Timelines tags.
  • New Timelines: On a somewhat related note, I could provide a list of timelines I've considered creating lately, with arguments for and against and a poll of who wants what. In a sense, that entry would be a lot like this one, trying to gauge interest from readers on what you'd want to see.
  • Browncoat Frustration: With the tenth anniversary of Firefly, my once-passionate devotion to that franchise has run up against other people', overly enthusiastic devotion. It's made me like the franchise and its fandom less, since I think some of those people need to let it go after a decade.
  • More Star Trek Reviews: I posted some thoughts on The Original Series a while back, and I meant to do a thorough review of the most recent feature film, but I was dealing with some personal stuff at the time, so I never got around to it.
  • Dayton Ward Novel Photos: Some time ago, daytonward was inviting people to take pictures of/with copies of his novels in unusual locations/situations. This coincided with a bunch of travelling on my part, so I took some of his books and obliged, but never uploaded the majority of them for people to actually check them out.
  • Matt Smith Complaints: All the reasons why I don't like the Eleventh Doctor. He's had more than enough time to win me over at this point, so I've had to accept that I'm waiting around for a regeneration.
  • Canadian Politics: Various recent thoughts on everything going on in this country, including but not limited to my thoughts on the current Idle No More movement.
  • GOP 2012: Digging Their Own Hole: If you loved hearing me talk about American politics before, I can give you more of those opinions, too.
  • The Return (Then Absence) of the Winnipeg Jets: My hometown has a deep and sometimes conflicted relationship with professional hockey, compounded at the moment by the NHL lockout. (On the bright side, we did come out with the lockout's official song.)
  • The Top 5 Reasons I'm Not on Facebook: Exactly what it says on the tin. People have been giving me more and more of a hard time on this one, so you can always join the chorus trying to convince me to change my ways. (I also don't have a mobile phone, if you'd rather get on my case about that instead.)
  • Travel Posts: I've taken a few cool trips which I haven't gone into detail about here, including my trip to Atlanta in 2011 (where I visited the CDC and just might have accidentally ended up at Marisa Tomei's birthday party) and my first trip to Las Vegas this past April.
  • Winnipeg Fringe Festival Thoughts: I've had various blogging notions related to the Fringe and local theatre in general, from a reposting of my 2002 CBC Fringe Diary to a plug for my current theatre-reviewing gig.
  • Genealogy: Some thoughts on family history, my interest in it, and the difficulty of tracking down any detailed information outside of North America.

    I'll post on whichever of these topics people comment in favour of seeing, in order of popular demand...

    Hopefully, that means I'll have a lot to write about soon.
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