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Light Up the Sky Like a Flame

The most commonly reported statistic on Star Trek tie-in fiction is that its readership is generally about 1-2% of the larger audience for the franchise as a whole.

In the hope that a rising tide raises all boats, and a larger audience for Into Darkness equals a larger audience for the tie-ins, let's move some paper and list the most recent Star Trek outings by the people on my friendslist, much as I did when the last movie came out in 2009.

To prevent redundancy, I'm only listing those people who've published something in the four years since then:

Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) most recently contributed the novella "The Unhappy Ones" in Seven Deadly Sins, an anthology edited by Margaret Clark in which seven prominent species from the Star Trek universe are each associated with a mortal sin. (Keith's story features the Klingons under "Wrath.")

David Mack (infinitydog) wrote another epic trilogy, Cold Equations (consisting of The Persistence of Memory, Silent Weapons, and The Body Electric), which deals with artificial intelligence in the Star Trek universe. He also wrote Rise Like Lions, wrapping up the ongoing Mirror Universe storyline in print; and Storming Heaven, wrapping up the Star Trek: Vanguard series he co-created with Marco Palmieri, which occurs concurrently with The Original Series.

Steve Mollmann (steve_mollmann), writing with Michael Schuster (michaelschuster), contributed The Tears of Eridanus, one of three novels included in Shattered Light, a Myriad Universes collection which provides tales of alternate Star Trek timelines; as well as A Choice of Catastrophes, a novel set during the five-year mission depicted in The Original Series.

Scott Pearson (scottpearson) most recently contributed Honor in the Night, one of the other novels included in Shattered Light.

Dayton Ward (daytonward) co-wrote "The First Peer," one of the other novellas in Seven Deadly Sins (featuring the Romulans under "Pride"), with Kevin Dilmore. On his own, he also wrote That Which Divides, another novel set during the five-year mission; and In Tempest's Wake, an eBook in the Vanguard series. His next Star Trek novel will be From History's Shadow, which combines Cold War conspiracies with visits to the 20th century by various Star Trek characters over the years.

...and of course, my last appearance was "You Are Not in Space" in Strange New Worlds 10.

All of the titles I just listed are also available in paperless formats such as Amazon Kindle, so let's move some electrons as well.

With a new movie coming out in just a week, though, it's sad to note how much shorter this list is than the last one. :/ Sales Rank: #1 115 637 in Books
Amazon Kindle Sales Rank: #150 993 in Kindle Store Sales Rank: #448 946 in Books "Only 1 left in stock (more on the way)."
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