The Almanac (pseudohistorian) wrote,
The Almanac

Band of Brothers, Marching Together

I've written holiday posts somewhat sporadically in the past...I was really regular about it in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, but then didn't post another one until 2013.

In the interests of trying to make it more of a regular habit, though, I'll offer up something I've been meaning to feature for a while--a rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" by Winnipeg musician Sean Quigley of Bold as Lions, whose locally-shot video went viral a few years ago:

I'll be taking in my traditional viewing of It's a Wonderful Life at some point this week, but my schedule is otherwise surprisingly open...

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope your own schedule for the season is just the way you like it.
Tags: classic 'peg, season's greetings
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