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All You Have to Do Is Call My Name and I'll Be There

This would’ve been more helpful if the books themselves weren’t organised so poorly.
The Star Trek Section at Powell's City of Books Tries to Help: Portland, October 2016

The most commonly reported statistic on Star Trek tie-in fiction is that its readership is generally about 1-2% of the larger audience for the franchise as a whole.

In the hope that a rising tide raises all boats, and a larger audience for Star Trek: Beyond (and the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery on the horizon) equals a larger audience for the tie-ins, let's move some paper and list the most recent Star Trek outings by the people on my friendslist, much as I did when the previous Kelvin Timeline movies came out in 2009 and 2013.

To prevent redundancy, I'm only listing those people who've published something (or, in one case, who I've added to my friendslist) in the three years since then:

Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical) most recently contributed The Klingon Art of War: Ancient Principles of Ruthless Honor, an in-universe reference book about Qo'noS and its culture "translated from the original Klingon."

Scott Pearson (scottpearson) most recently contributed The More Things Change, an eBook featuring Christine Chapel and Spock (with an appearance by Audrid Dax) set shortly after Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Dayton Ward (daytonward) has continued to be quite prolific, but some of his most recent works include Purgatory's Key, the conclusion of the fiftieth-anniversary Legacies trilogy celebrating The Original Series, which he co-wrote with Kevin Dilmore; Elusive Salvation, a sequel of sorts to From History's Shadow featuring Admiral Kirk shortly before Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; and Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Vulcan, another in-universe book which (as the title implies) offers information for those wishing to visit that logical planet.

Susan Wright (susan_wright) most recently contributed the short story "Bitter Fruit," which appears in Shards and Shadows, a Mirror Universe anthology edited by Margaret Clark and Marco Palmieri.

...and of course, my last appearance was "You Are Not in Space" in Strange New Worlds 10.

All of the titles I just listed are also available in paperless formats such as Amazon Kindle (and some are only available that way), so let's move some electrons as well.

On a tangential note, I will quickly mention that the Strange New Worlds series made a brief return this year with an anniversary collection available only as an eBook--though its terms and conditions were sketchy enough that the original editor for the series, Dean Wesley Smith, strongly warned people against taking part.

As with the last entry I posted like this, the most disheartening part is noticing how much shorter the list of tie-in writers is getting... Sales Rank: #1 676 959 in Books
Amazon Kindle Sales Rank: #749 228 in Kindle Store Sales Rank: #1 047 689 in Books
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