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This Is Not Out of the Blue

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The Almanac
17 October
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My name is Edgar Governo, and you can currently expect to find almost anything related to my interests in here, but I've had a number of foci in the past...

Previously, this journal was devoted primarily to developments related to the publishing of my Star Trek: Enterprise short story "You Are Not in Space" in the anthology Strange New Worlds 10 from Pocket Books, which can be ordered from both Amazon.com (even Amazon Kindle) and Amazon.ca.

Before that, it was devoted to the charity auction I organised to benefit Raise-a-Reader, which provides financial assistance and resources to family literacy programs and libraries throughout Canada. That Raise-a-Reader Charity Auction was held at Keycon (an annual science-fiction and fantasy convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) in May 2006.

A complete list of auction items with image links is still available to satisfy your curiosity about everything I gathered, and I'd still like to hold an online auction of the items which arrived after the convention. Anything related to that continuation of my fundraising efforts will also be posted here--but in the meantime, I would encourage any of you reading this to make a donation directly to Raise-a-Reader...and let them know who sent you their way. ;)

If you've gotten this far, you might also be interested in some of the other things I've worked on, like "If They Can't Dance, They Can't Kiss...," a term paper about Back to the Future I wrote on the way to obtaining my undergraduate degree; The Lion Wars, an essay of sorts about The Lion King and Star Wars; and a set of personal Sydney Olympic Quotes for your amusement.
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